It is kind of a pretty big mess right now but I still have so many stuff I want to share with you guys!!! It’s been a long time that I don’t work on my blog but this time I am gonna dedicate more time on it.

Here is the first streetstyle shooting I did with Anh during fashion week back in 2015, as you can see my hair changes a lot so it’s better that you get used to it!!! ahahah The way we met was really unexpected and funny, but a lovely surprise. As I used to do before I was shooting my #ootd or look of the day with a friend near La Comédie Française, when I see a lil’ guy with a huge camera taking pics of me like a real paparazzi, it is true that for some minutes I felt like a star ahaha but I started to laugh and soon he asked me if he could shoot me as well, we exchanged Ig’s and later I received an email with those beauties, I was not expected that kind of work, I was amazed!!! He is always walking around Paris during Fashion Week so you will probably run into him, but he is also a great wedding photographer. I have some more work done with him that I will show you soon!!!

Jacket, pants & sandals ZARA



Necklace PARFOIS

Photography by ANH HUY PHAM


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